Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jeju-do Video Project

We are full steam ahead into autumn and August seems like a long time away. I know I have finished the written posts about our August-summer vacation in Jeju Island, but NOW I finished compiling the videos so a more comprehensive story can be told. If you have 10 minutes and 33 seconds, check it out. 
We have been dawdling a little bit, not posting as many stories as we have been making, but we've got some more coming down the pipe. 

Mashigue deseyo! 

(That means Enjoy your meal... and by Enjoy your meal I mean Enjoy the video, but I don't know how to say Enjoy the video in Korean).

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chuseok Celebrations

How awesome is Korea?!?! There is a September holiday called Chuseok that not only gets us a 4 day weekend but is also a harvest celebration!!!!! It's Korea's Harvest Jubilee (which we were sad to not host this past harvest season). It is most likened to Thanksgiving. There are huge family meals, people dress up in their fancy clothes (hanboks- 한복), there's a pilgrimage to hometowns, and people perform ceremonies for ancestors and eldest family members and eat traditional food such as songpyeon (송편) and drink rice wines such as sindoju (신도주) and dongdongju (동동주).... well I guess not everything is like Thanksgiving. It happens on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. 

At our academy, SLP, our students got to celebrate Chuseok by donning their hanboks (한복) and putting on a fashion show. Oh man, too much cute for one camera. Kent's kindergarten class is Upenn and my classes are Brown and Columbia.

Please, peruse the Chuseok experience of our friends and co-workers:
Courtney at Coco Busan
Rose and Shane at Soju Cocktail

Chuseok Chalboneseyo!

Step 1: Help change the children's clothes.

This is Columbia Class' Jack. He is the most excited
student ever to be at SLP. When I call his for
phone teaching I have to hold the phone 2 feet from
my head to save my ear drums from his shouty happiness.

Columbia Class' Harry

Step 2: Take Pictures.

(Left to Right)
Brown Class' Tinkerbell, Stephanie, Bella and Eddy

Brown Class' Tinkerbell

Upenn Class

Upenn Class

Columbia Class

Upenn Class' Todd and Olivia

Chicago Class' Monica (and Ruby in the back)

Columbia Class' Kristen
During phone teaching I have to press
the phone hard to my ear because she doesn't want
speak English to loudly in the home. AND her
voice sounds like the song of a rabbit-pixie.
If you didn't know, that's really cute.