Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Special Thursdays- I'm Field Trip Trippin' Man...

Aren't we a good looking group?

Kent's teachable moment.

Once every 2 months or so, if the weather allows and our Korean supervisors allow, we go with the kids on a FIELD TRIP.  The kids bring snacks and the moms pack extra goodies for the kids to share with their teachers and friends and we're off on a 2.5 hour adventure. We visited the Nurimaru, an area on the coast, just west of Haeundae Beach that consists of a walking park area and APEC Conference house. Our second excursion was to the Busan Museum of Modern Art. 

A rained-out Field Trip
 turned into an indoor picnic.

Both field trips showed me how the primary function of our SLP events is to get the shot. We take a ridiculous amount of non-candid group photos. On our SLP website parents can peruse and look for pictures that may validate the SLP pricetag. Maybe they are looking for photo evidence that their student really did have a fun time at the SLP outing and that said children were the cutest on the trip. I'm not actually sure how true it is to say that their is a silent, cuteness competition amongst the parents but by the looks of them... every... single... day, there is some level of effort going into there appearance. 
I digress. 

The concept of the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) conferences had little appeal to all of our hungry, hyper pupils ("Teacher, but I'm so HUNGRYTeacher, I'm so HUNGRY, Teacher, I'm HuuuuuuuuuNGRY"...) . They all walked through the conference house, in relative straight lines and pointed out things that regular, old adult eyes don't catch anymore. "Teacher, look. Candy wrapper. Teacher, look. Rolly Polly." I enjoyed looking at pictures of George W. in a hanbok (traditional/ceremonial Korean garb). I also enjoyed sitting outside with the students and watching them share food with each other and chat with their friends. One kid even spotted a falcon overhead. I hope he wasn't eyeing our weakest and meekest. 

At the Busan MOMA, we walked through the kid exhibits in the basement and then went outside for photos and snackies. Just as we laid out our little mats and kicked off the shoes to nibble treats passed from sweaty kid hand to sweaty kid hand, it began to rain. It poured and the Korean teachers and students alike squealed and covered their hair as they made graceful yet quick dashes toward cover. It was awesome. We all laughed and huddled and gobbled up the rest of our soggy foods. 

The next field trip is for the beach to probably build sand castles but definitely take more group pictures. 

Look nice for pictures, damnit!
Kent's Upenn Class
Our Catherine Teacher is well loved.
Say, "KIMCHI!"

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Delicious Day

The past month has been as packed as a Texan Golden Corral on a two-for-one Deals Day. I should know, I WAS in Texas last month for a WEDDING. Nicole and Dan Gaspar were blissfully wedded on  July 16th, 2011... more to come on that. We have also vacationed at a Honeymooners Paradise of the the southern coast of Korea... more to come. And, we have dined many incredible meals, including a Mexican Fiestita with an authentic Mexican man-friend... more to be shared about that too. 

As for today...
It's an overcast Saturday and started our morning with a co-worker pancake breakfast. Our Wisconsin counter parts, Shane and Rose, brought some home-made applesauce with a ginger-brandy twist. I was told that it's just like grandma used to make. 

The rest of the day we cleared for baking. Kent and I have been in the market for an oven for the past month finally made the big purchase. Homesickness hasn't snuck into our daily lives but cookie-sickness has... in the way that we have been dreaming, wishing and hoping for some chocolate chip cookies, with a side of other delicious baked goods. Today I had may chance to whip it up in the kitchen and see what I could do.

That's right, Kent... OMG. 

Our monster craving has been appeased for today, but tomorrow is another day... and another baked goodie.