Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Malay Times

I'm writing this from Thailand but the video is from our time in Malaysia at Kahang Organic Rice and Eco Farm (KOREF). When we started researching this farm to work on in Malaysia, I kept seeing "Koref" at the bottom of emails and webpages.
So, when I started talking about the place to Sebastian's parents, I told them, "I think the owner's name is Mr. Tam Koref."
"Is that some strange Malay name?" they asked, because it certainly wasn't Chinese... like Loy and Chu.
Two nights before we left Singapore for Malaysia we had the AH-HA moment around the dinner table. 
Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm.
I was planning on showing up and asking for Mr. Koref. After we arrived at the farm via the Loy Family, we settled in and quickly appreciated the change of pace from a city. We had a fantastic time, with the people and animals and rice. Actually, there wasn't much rice. The rice thing hasn't panned out like the original plan, but the farm has expanded to a farmstay and eco-education center. Auntie Anne, Julie, Mr. Choi and Mr. Akata had great English and helped us get acquainted with farm and nearby town, Kahang. Mr. Tam and Mr. Akata put us to work, eager as we were, to build a chicken-bunny coop.
Then, someone said the words "water wheel" and Kent was onto the new project like white on rice. It has taken some time to access internet powerful enough for us to upload video and photos. Video is at the bottom and don't forget to check out our little video clips on youtube (username: bearhutchu). Next to come... Thailand.

Average meal at the farm. Above average deliciousness.

Groups of kids come to runt through the water obstacle course.

Mr Choi and Tansui harvesting red tilapia.

New Chinese and Singaporean Friends.
We had 6 Mandarian language instructors.
Xie xie!!

About to try the zip line.

Durian purchase

The water wheel is making it's way to the final resting place.
\ Many hands made light work throughout the project.  

Ipin and Kent are BFFs

New New Hampshire friends

Ta-Dah! A few minor adjustments (leaks and leveling) that our new
New Hampshire friends, took care of. Terima kasih.
if you have trouble viewing: youtube video link